401K Educational Experience

We provide an educational experience for your firm’s staff and attorneys to better educated them on their 401k program and retirement saving decisions. We understand how hard you work so we offer flexibility in the type of experience and the timing of the experience.

We are located in Century City, in 1901 Avenue of the Stars, and as your neighbors we can offer this personalized educational experience to firms in our immediate vicinity. We understand how hard you work and how precious your time is, so we’re flexible to give your staff and attorneys more chances to engage and benefit. Let’s discuss the arrangements that are the most convenient for your firm – onsite visits, personal phone conversations, wine evening events, early morning hours, we endeavor to be flexible. Please fill out the form below or simply contact John DeFonso to discuss any engagement details,  jdefonso@aquaca.com or 310.492.9685


Questions you may have:


My plan has a personal advice option. Why do I need you?

The professional advice component in any 401k plan, universally refuses to provide advice concerning anything outside of the plan and plan investments. Often, they will charge a fee for this incomplete advice.

In addition, the advice is impersonal and inadequate. Frequently, the advice option is only a website or requires calling an unfamiliar person in a call center. Not a very trustworthy or motivating experience for participants.

Financial advisors at large brand name firms are often not permitted to advise with respect to 401k plans (due to compliance concerns).

As a result, there is a profound lack of quality information and guidance regarding the most critical aspect of saving for retirement: how to integrate workplace and personal retirement savings.

We are not limited with the help we can provide. We always consider all the assets and circumstances of individuals when providing advice. Would you want a prescription without a full diagnosis?


Can we trust you’re qualified?

  • Our firm was founded in 2009. We are an RIA. Fully registered, regulated, and licensed.
  • I attended The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
  • I have 20+ years of experience.
  • I have two professional designations: CFA, CPWA
  • I’m on the wealth management advisory board for CFA Society of LA
  • My wife is a partner at Gibson Dunn and count many attorneys as friends.
  • We are neighbors. Our offices are in 1901 Avenue of the Stars
  • We are genuine and sincere and willing to be generous with our time to answer your questions, get to know each other, and earn your trust.
  • We understand earning your trust never involves selling or pressure.


What do you talk about during this experience?

There are two parts to our experience: a shorter presentation and a longer question and answer session. We understand different groups may value different information so we can offer two (or three) sessions to different groups in your firm. We can address the basics and fundamentals or be more specific and more complex or anything in between, if needed. If the firm would like to promote knowledge about something specific we can incorporate it into our presentation. Some basic items we discuss include:

  • Are you maximizing your benefits?
  • Do you understand how to invest this account?
  • What are these investment options and what do they do?
  • What are the features of the plan?
  • Behavioral mistakes to avoid for more success.

We can also get more complex and address items such as:

  • Saving beyond the plan – Attorneys will likely need more
  • Asset Location – How to take advantage of different tax considerations of 401k vs. Brokerage Account
  • More advanced features of the plan: using a brokerage window, using after-tax contributions (Mega Backdoor Roth)
  • 401k plans are not subject to your will and have special bequeathing requirements.


Are we inviting fiduciary concerns by accepting your education?

Our presentation and program are considered educational content and allowing us to provide education does not cause your firm to breach its fiduciary duty.

There is a distinction between introducing us and recommending us. There is also a distinction between educational content and wealth management services.

Educational Material Wealth Management Services
Introduce OK OK
Recommend OK Fiduciary Duty

We are not asking you to recommend us and we are not providing wealth management services.


What is the cost of this educational experience?

The service is gratis. Our cost to do this is low. We only do this in Century City. The service is meaningful and delivered sincerely. We genuinely enjoy helping. We know a small effort can make big differences. The catch? Well, over time, in the long run, this gives us a chance to earn credibility and trust and potentially earn a client. But we don’t apply pressure or ask.